Transforming Customer Engagements with Innovation

Enhanced Technology & Marketing that maximizes each investment. CETC Communication is a KPI-focused agency, ensuring a guaranteed outcome for every dollar spent. Our frameworks assist businesses in deciphering their IT & marketing expenditure effectively.

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CTEC Communication Limited was established in 2022 and is involved in a range of technology, branding and marketing initiatives for our clients, in these areas:

  • Technology Management
  • Branding
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing Positioning
  • Digital/Social Media Campaign Management
  • Target Market Definition
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Budgeting
  • Marketing Copywriting
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CTEC is made up of dynamic team members with complementary competencies for the entire suite of marketing needs for businesses. From marketing communications, public relations, to digital and social media marketing and events management, our team of ex-MNC marketers bring their experience, passion and dedication to help our clients develop the right marketing strategies.

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The CTEC Communication team’s passion for Integrated marketing, branding and advertising has garnered us some decent accolades over the years.

You guys were a dream team to work with! It was the only country where we did not have to scramble to get people to attend our Ajman Investment Seminar and the shiekhs were well pleased with the turn out. Full house with good guests!   

CTEC has helped us achieve new possibilities in our marketing reach we didn’t expect before and we are definitely happy with the results.   

Word of mouth plays a big role in the success of any business and we are happy with the help from CTEC to raise awareness of the specific uses and benefits of our wide range of essential oils and wellness solutions.   

There are far too many PR agencies who promise and do not deliver. I would say that my experience with CTEC has been a good one. So far, they have delivered what they said they would. I have and will continue to recommend their service to others.